MediaStage Lite

  • Simple to use interface
  • No blank canvas users presented with pre-made scenarios to alter as much as they wish
  • Very shallow learning curve
  • Scenes contain display surfaces on which users can imort their own images
  • Targeted at video sharing and social networking
  • Content¬† and inteface can be re-badged to suit commercial needs

A simplified version of the MediaStage application. Designed squarely at entertainment and social networking.

Content is adaptable but can contain realistic, cartoon or caricature characters. Rather than being faced with a blank canvas the user is faced initially with a selection of characters in pre-arranged scenarios. The user can then opt to alter the scenario by placing the character in a different environment, Recording their own dialogue. Remove or add animation clips to the character from the library of data. Add their own image or written message in the form of a picture onto surfaces pre-positioned in the environment.

With four fixed camera positions they can change camera angles and cut between them over the performance. Users can record their own speech to the application and have the character lipsync to it automatically.

Output is to video

The video below is a compilation of output featuring caricature characters and pre-recorded dialogue. Made for publicity and business devlopment purposes.