Quite aticket to the Interactive Demo wide set of areas covered on this web site. But they are all connected and feed into each other as and when required. I have a career history that started in Graphic Design and Illustration, then moved to Animation. Working in television series and feature films. See the Filmography for a list most of the things I worked on.  From there into Computer Games Development, as modeller,animator and art director, and that led to creating Educational and Training Software using the same technology as creative director.

Recently teaching modelling, animation and creative skills has been an interest and exploiting my interest in the User Experience in developing web sites. I have become particularly interested in the content management system as a means of delivering sites and experiences that are both entertaining and informative for the user and efficient in editing for the owner. the intent being to make both experiences as smooth as possible. To that end I have explored Drupal over the last few years.

In this web site portfolio I have tried to cover most things that I can demonstrate skills for. Most of the work is relatively recent.