• Demonstrates difficult physical concepts clearly.
  • Encourages students to question and explore.
  • Teaches experimental method and observational skills.
  • Ideal for whole class or individual learning.
  • Allows pupils to apply theory to real life challenges

A virtual laboratory for teaching aspects of physics. This application is built around over 150 html activity pages that contributed activities involving the corresponding simulation. Topics covered are Waves, Energy and Forces. The application was designed with guidance from a number of science advisors.

Although activities were important the application lends itself as an open ended workbench for extended teaching of the topic by subject specialists or experimentation by the curious. Once set up the experiments ran in real-time using 2D graphics. Data from the experiment is visible in a real-time graph plotter and multiple things can be plotted at the same time.

This application went on to win educationalist acclaim and considerable interest from traditional educational publishers.