• Virtual video production
  • Library of stages, props and avatars
  • Library of animations and character poses
  • Avatars directed on stage
  • Lipsync to user recorded or imported audio tracks
  • Spotlights with real-time shadows
  • Full control of cameras
  • Live camera edit screen
  • Shallow learning curve

As a natural evolution from the 2D application Kar2ouche. MediaStage was designed as a real-time 3D virtual performance tool developed with input from publishing partner Heinemann to support their Media Studies course. Built around a real-time gaming type of environment the appication brought the abillity to create and direct a video sequence on the PC without the logistics and cost of real-world production.

MediaStage includes a library of pre made stages. A set of flat stages that allow the building of bespoke sets using a library of scenery props. A comprehensive set of objects that allow set decoration and a company of avatars. Using these in conjunction with spotlights and virtual cameras and by applying dialogue from file, or recorded with the application. It is possible to create some quite sophisticated performances. This application received a lot of interest from parties both within and outside of the educational community.

Interest in the applications use as a pre-production, planning and pitching tool led to trials being undertaken with the BBC during which we built a model of the “Queen Vic” public house from the soap opera East Enders and the Ten o’clock news set, complete with representations of the actors. As part of the preparations for the 2005 general election we provided a version of the application and a model of the BBC set for pre-visualisation and presentation purposes.

A subsequent version of this application was developed as part of a social networking project with EA and Endemol.

The video below is some of the work I created largely as publicity or proof of concept videos. They are pushing the medium using short motion captured animation data sets edited together within the system. Application library special effects. Gobo effects on lights, specially created transparent wall units and a lot of video projection within each scene. These were created with the original version and the version built for the EA project.