The Moving Image

Here you will find my 2D animation show reel and videos that I have made using various applications. Much of the CG animation sequences were made using software I was instrumental in the design of. In these I have endeavoured to stretch and use the software in order to explore it's possibilities and to demonstrate the capabilities to potential business partners. Some of these have required the creation of objects specifically for the purpose. The Pallas Diner videos have used both the MediaStage/Moviemaker application but also extensive use of effects created in Adobe Premier and models made spcifically for the purpose.

There is also a live action compilation taken during a World Town Crier Tournament and two videos of compilations of photographs.


Here is an alphabetical list of most of the the traditional animation projects I worked on. Some of these can be found in the 2D Animation video above.


  • A Winter’s Story: Siriol Animation (Key Animator)
  • Babar: Nelvana (Key Animator)
  • Bonjour la Famille: series (La Fabrique) (Key Animator)
  • Dreamstone: series Martin Gates productions (Key Animator)
  • Easter Egg: Siriol Animation (Key Animator)
  • Gerald of Wales: x2 Siriol Animation (Key Animator)
  • Hurricanes: series DIC/Scottish Television/Siriol Productions (storyboards, layout, design and animation timing)
  • Nice Mice: series Siriol Productions (Key Animator)
  • On the Farm: Phillips CDI title (art direction)
  • Powergen Commercial: (animation)
  • Rhala Rhiwdin: Live action/animation mix : Splash Computer Graphics/S4C (series; design, layouts, animation and set design)
  • S4C Christmas: ident (animation and art direction)
  • SA in the Bay: Cardiff Bay Development Corporation. A monthly comic promoting training opportunities within the Cardiff Bay area. (character creation and comic artwork)
  • Santa’s First Christmas: Christmas special, Siriol Productions (Key Animator)
  • Satellite City: series Fairwater Films Key Animator)
  • Sleepy Kids: pilot Fairwater Films (Key Animator)
  • Space Baby: Pilot Siriol Productions (Key Animator)
  • Stretch and Slim: series (animation timing)
  • Superted: 3 x series Siriol Animation (inbetweener, animator, key animator)
  • The Princess and the Goblins: cinema Feature. Siriol Productions/Panonia (Key animator and character design)
  • The Tale of Gemima Puddleduck: animation TVC/Jumping Jack productions (Key Animator)
  • Toucan Tecs: series, Cartwn Cymru (Key Animator)
  • Transylvania Petshop: series: Fairwater Films (animation slugging)
  • Turkey Love: Siriol Animation (Key Animator)
  • Under Milk Wood: Siriol Productions (Key animator and storyboards)