Software Design


A retro 2D puzzle game for the PC and Xbox market place. A brain teaser that gets satisfyingly, or frustratingly, more complex as you progress through the levels. There are no right answers just escape from the level as quickly and cleanly as you can.


A story-boarding application with support for an extendable array of library content which includes, characters, props, environments, audio, text and activities. A creative learning tool. Each library targeting a specific subject or curriculum area.


A virtual laboratory covering Waves, Energy and Forces. This application, though still true to the concept of open ended creative learning, features a simulation area and an instructive html panel with topic based activities.


An application designed to allow the rapid creation of acting sequences in a virtual environment. Using a library of stages, props and characters with full control of lighting and cameras.

MediaStage Lite

An application designed to provide rapid results in a social context. Promoting the sharing of video comment between friends. A greatly simplified version of the original MediaStage application. Intended for the entertainment rather than the education market


Video game creation system which allows the quick assembly of reasonably sophisticated games. An editor which enables learners to readily grasp the concepts of non linear story telling and puzzle mechanics within a game environment.


3D cartoon creation with 3D environments and avatars and speech bubbles.. An entertainment and social networking application of the core MediaStage software.


Pock2ouche is an application designed to deliver English language teaching on a mobile device. A collaborative project between Immersive Education, Oxford University Press, Mathengine and Sharp.